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Purchasing an Auckland apartment is an exciting decision and a huge investment, and you will naturally have questions about the property before you make your waterfront lifestyle dream a reality. Whether you’re purchasing a home or investing in this freehold property, there may also be other purchasing factors you will want to consider. To make it simple and easy for you, we’ve answered the most common questions about our luxury riverside apartments below. If you have a query that you can’t find the answer to here, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The three rules of property are “location, location, location”.  And if you had to pick one location that was most prized, then it would be waterfront land. When you combine this with Auckland Council funding an incredible transformation in the area, and the fact that these apartments offer such amazing value, then all your boxes are ticked.  To top if off, the architects and builders have a long track record of successful, quality developments.

The address for this development is 25 Armein Road, Panmure. The property backs onto Council reserve land that slopes down to the water’s edge.  The 3.7km Tamaki Path starts there, and this leads past an amazing kids’ playground, the Marist rugby club fields, all the way to Wai O Taiki Bay.  The Panmure Boating Club is also at the end of the reserve and many rowing clubs use the wharf to launch their boats for training.

All of the apartment units will have water views except one—A001, the ground floor road-front apartment. For more details, view the apartments here!

As mentioned above – a really cool kids’ playground, the Tamaki Path (so beautiful to walk along as the sun rises), a wharf to try your luck with fishing, and acres of sports fields and reserves.  The Panmure shops are only 1km away, and the train station will see you in the CBD within 16 minutes.  Panmure Bridge Primary School is highly regarded by locals and is just a 5 minute walk from the front gate. But of course the crowning glory is the Tamaki River and any of the aquatic activities you wish to partake in.

There are 8 carparks for purchase on a first come, first served basis.  However, the following apartments will only be able to purchase a carpark if the other owners have not purchased one: A001, B103, B104 and B203.  There is ample street parking available, and there is also a parking area by the water’s edge at the rear of the property and along at the rowing club.  There is no guest parking on the property.

Yes. Seven of the carparks will have ‘Space Commander’ over-bonnet storage boxes included in their purchase price.  These each have a 3m3 storage capacity.  There will also be a common garden shed where the two communal kayaks and equipment will be stored.  You may also be able to store bikes in here.

Yes. Although we have two carefully crafted colour schemes to choose from, you may mix and match between them if you wish.

Yes. Pets may be allowed after gaining the written consent of the Body Corporate following an interview with the pet owner and the pet. Anyone who relies on a guide, hearing or assistance dog may bring or keep such a dog in a unit, and may bring it onto the common property.

There will be electronic fob access to the driveway gate, the front and rear pedestrian gates and access to the stairwells. Visitors will ‘buzz’ the apartment owner for access to the property and stairwell.

We will be using high quality sound-proofing in this development including sound insulating cushion between differing levels, 10mm plasterboard internal lining behind the aluminium and 13 mm plasterboard internal lining behind the profiled metal cladding. The acoustic rating requires all penetrations to be acoustically sealed. This will minimise the effect of sound penetration and ensure you can enjoy a quiet living environment.  All windows and glass doors will also be double glazed.

There is a common rubbish area for all owners to use on site which will be emptied on a weekly basis.  There will be both general rubbish bins and recycling bins.

It is estimated at this stage that site works will begin early next year, with construction completed early 2021.  Settlement would be shortly after that.

Upon signing the sale and purchase agreement, you’ll pay a sum of $500 to secure the property. You’ll then have seven working days to gain your solicitor’s approval and to have your finance approved. When the contract is declared unconditional, you’ll then pay the balance of 10% of the purchase price. Your deposit will be held in our solicitor’s secure trust account for the entirety of the build where it will accrue interest which will belong to you. No more payments are required until settlement and you take possession of your new home. This is a fixed price contract so you can also feel secure knowing the apartment price cannot be increased during the build period.

Yes – but the annual fees of around $1,650 per unit per annum will be way lower than comparable apartment blocks (which can be around $3,000). All rubbish and recycling as well as the landscaping and common garden areas are looked after by the Body Corporate Manager . The annual Body Corporate fee will be set close to completion and will be proportionate to the apartment value. Any apartment owner is automatically a member of the Body Corporate and can choose to be on the committee.

Yes. As a purchaser, you’ll be responsible for annual rates that are set out by Auckland Council. In addition, the purchaser will be responsible for their own contents insurance, water and electricity, telephone, internet bills and any other extra costs for other utilities.

Yes.  The Master Build Guarantee covers the entire apartment block for a period of ten years from completion. All appliances and standard household utilities come with their respective warranties.