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How to Purchase Your Piece of
Affordable Riverfront Property

Whether it’s your first home, an upgrade, an investment or you’re down downsizing, purchasing an affordable waterfront apartment at River’s Edge is simple. Our extremely experienced and helpful team is here to provide all the information you need. They are also able to help you structure your finances in a way that ensures your property goals are easily achieved.

Below we have provided comprehensive documents on pricing, appraisals, specifications, and contracts. Download and read them for every detail on River’s Edge, and when you are ready to purchase (or if you have a query), don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your slice of heaven.

Purchasing and Pricing

This section contains information on the features and pricing of each of our boutique riverside living apartments, laid out in a simplified format. We have also provided verified rental appraisals and yields from Quinovic Property Management for buyers who might be considering investing in a rental property at River’s Edge.

Finally, there are three documents detailing how to attain financial help in purchasing your first home, information to look for in a purchasing agreement, and a guide to the purchase procedure with Monmouth Property Trading.

price list

rental appraisals and yields

financial help for first home buyers

property sale
and purchase agreement guide

purchase procedure and pre-contract disclosure

Specifications and Evaluations

At River’s Edge, we value complete and total transparency with our buyers, because we believe that everyone’s home-buying journey should be a joyful one. To this end, we’ve supplied the following documents to give potential purchasers all of the necessary information upfront. Download and read the documents below to learn about the specifications of the property, the operation of the body corporate, and the land information memorandum for all site information

land information memorandum


body corporate & estimated budget

The Purchasing Contract

Finally, we have provided the full purchase contract for your perusal below, so that you have time to gain a solicitor’s approval and evaluate the terms accordingly. Feel free to contact us with any queries regarding the terms listed herein, and we will be happy to clarify them for you.


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